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Brother Sa107 Style Walking Foot Fits Most Low Shank & Snap on Home Sewing Machines



Compatible Brother SA107 Walking Foot,Fits most low shank and snap-on home sewing machines (no adjustable guide)
The walking foot is a moving feed system that holds and moves fabric between the presser foot’s upper feed dog and the machines’s lower feed dogs to better control difficult fabrics as well as multiple layers of fabric. The walking foot is great for quilting, sewing when matching prints or plaids or fabric drift is an issue .Walking Foot fits most low shank sewing machines with 5mm width, has low center, and plastic fork.

compatible with: BC-1000, CE-4000, CE-5000PRW, CS-100T, CS-6000, CS-6000i, CS-6000T, CS-8072, ES-2000, EX-660, HE-120, Innov-ís 40- NEW Limited Edition, Innov-ís 80- NEW Limited Edition, Innov-ís 1000, Innov-ís 1200, Innov-ís 1500D, Innov-ís 2500D, Innov-ís 4000D, Duetta™ 4500D – NEW!, Innov-ís 900D, NX-200, NX-250, NX-400, NX-450, NX-450Q, NX-600, NX-650Q, PC-210, PC210PRW – NEW Ltd Edition, PC-2800, PC-3000, PC-4000, PC-420, PC420PRW – NEW Ltd Edition, PC-5000, PC-6000, PC-6500, PC-7000, PC-7500, PC-8200, PC-8500D, PS-2200, PS-2300, PS-2500, QC-1000, SE-270D


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